Office Pranks Involving Foam Packaging

Friday, March 29th, 2013 | Funny Pictures with Comments Off
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If you search the internet to find a funny office pranks you can find hundreds of funny ideas. The problem with some of those pranks is that most of them will land you in trouble. The last thing anybody needs these days is to lose a job over pulling a prank that somebody will take offence to. Interestingly enough I found a funny prank involving foam packaging material that couldn’t possibly get anybody in trouble. Or could it? You would have to be a pretty big drag if you didn’t see the humour in this.

Foam Packaging  Office Pranks Funny Pictures

Office Pranks

This guy has some work to do when he comes in Monday morning. I just can’t imagine where a person would get enough of that packaging to pull this one off. You would have to save it up for months.

He seems to be taking it well. I wonder how he found his phone. Business first.

An entire office filled with packaging material. Awesome!

Brad is Back! This gif is from the hit comedy Workaholics. The bosses brother Brad pull a funny office prank on the guys.


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