The Green Line Trolley Perv

Monday, August 2nd, 2010 | Mugshots with Comments Off
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Here is a guy that for one, looks like he has a lot going on, secondly has a pretty good sense of fashion and finally has never heard of the internet. Yes, imagine in this day and age of having to ride a train line snapping photos of women's cleavage because he doesn't know enough to go online and surf some 999 billion websites that have some kind of cleavage photos on them (this site included).

This greasy looking perv has been riding the train lines in Boston snapping photos of cleavage as women bend over to pick up their bags etc. He has sparked a legal debate on whether cleavage is fair game or against the law like up-skirt photos.

One lady fed up with it snapped his photo which was confused with a photo of Brad Pitt at first. If he snapped my daughter or girlfriend he would be getting some matching red to go with that cute prison orange shirt.

Read the story and watch the slowest news video ever at the source:

Not all aboard on T perv

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