Bear Says No to Grow Op

Thursday, September 4th, 2008 | Offbeat and Weird with Comments Off

This bear loved his pot and munchies so much he chased off the growers but couldn't figure out how to plant his own crop. "Garfield County sheriff's deputies who raided the pot farm found pipes chewed in half, food containers ripped apart, cans scarred by bites, claw marks and bear prints and trees bearing claw marks." The scene seems to show that the bear was continually destroying the grow up camp that the owner abandoned it along with everything else they owned. "Deputies found 4,000 "starter" sacks of marijuana, (which are small plastic bags with seeds, some chemical plant food and dirt), and 888 young plants. All of the material is being destroyed." Officers are looking to deputize Smokey if they can find him.

Garfield bear snuffs out pot farm


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