It Smells Like ‘Dog Poop and Vomit’

Monday, November 15th, 2010 | Offbeat and Weird with Comments Off
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Some headlines just write themselves. Enter the ginkgo biloba tree. That is how these owners describe the fruit that falls from their tree when it is broken. Kristin Hanson and Rob O’Brien have to spend hours cleaning the fruit off of their lawn so the kids and neighbours don't track the stench into the house.

“We noticed that if you stepped on them or if they broke, that they smell absolutely horrific — a cross between dog poop and vomit,” Hanson, 42, says.

Extract from the tree with Chinese origins is renowned for many health benefits including helping memory loss and blood circulation, but the smell of the slimy liquid inside the fruit that blossoms each summer wafts the aroma of sulphur through residential neighbourhoods.

It appears the City of Toronto made a mistake and planted a female tree. The females wil drop more and more fruit as it gets older each year. Oh, in Toronto you can't cut a healthy tree down so it looks like they are stuck with their stinky tree.


ginkgo biloba tree

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