Is Big Brother Watching?

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 | Rant and Raves with Comments Off
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Do you remember reading 1984 in school? I sure do. For me that was long before the internet came to be. I recall it being a little far fetched to me but plausible. Nowadays it’s all too real. You have gps in work cars tracking your every movement, smart phones with secret files tracing your habits and security cameras taking pictures of you scratching your butt while you walk down the street. You can’t even run a yellow light any more without getting a photo sent home along with a ticket. It’s crazy but I was thinking of starting to wear an aluminum headband inside my ball hat. I am living with the feat that I might finish my days out as a THX.

Being a big t-shirt guy I was pretty stoked when I came across a website that had loads of pretty cool looking funny big brother t-shirts. What could be a better way to let the man know that we know what they are up to? Looking through the shirts I noticed that they also had a good collection of shirts dedicated to real big brothers. I grew up being a big brother, not volunteering as one but as one to my younger sisters. I think they would die of they saw me in a big brother tee. They would get a kick out of it for real.

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