Gary J. Moody Is a Crappy Criminal

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 | Stupid Criminals with Comments Off
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I found this story interesting because we had the same kind of pervert hanging out in one of our provinical parks years ago. Kind of an odd one. I will have to do some digging to see who that pervert was. It's the kind of story that nobody believes at first but hey Gary J. Moody is a two time loser.

In 2005, he was found hiding in a sewage tank trying to watch a young girl go to the bathroom. He told cops he lost a ring down the toilet and was trying to get it back. He copped a deal and the bleeding heart judge let him off thinking Gary would get some help. You can read Toilet Spy Gets Slap On Wrist via the Smoking Gun.

Gary is back in the news again this week, for the same thing. 

A federal affidavit indicates 49-year-old Gary J. Moody of Pittson confessed to repeating his previous act on Memorial Day. Federal agents sought Moody out after a 9-year-old boy saw him climbing out of a toilet at the Hastings Campground. Two witnesses saw him walk away from the outhouse. Forest Service special agent William Fors wrote Moody initially said he climbed into the waste-filled pit to retrieve a T-shirt. Four years ago, he said he was retrieving his wedding ring. Fors wrote Moody eventually confessed climbing into outhouse pits on more than two occasions. Via Man admits crawling into outhouse – again -Boston Harold

Gary J. Moody

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