Olivia Sprauer: Teacher Fired For Being Sexy

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 | Stupid People with Comments Off
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It happens to me all the time. Held back because I am too sexy. Not really but it did actually happen to Olivia Sprauer. A teacher in Florida was recently let go because of her career as a bikini model. The former Martin County High School English teacher was hauled into the principals office and told that her teaching time was over. All as a result of her bikini photos being brought to the attention of the principal.  Olivia models under the name Victoria James and has a portfolio on Model Mayhem of mostly bikini photos and poses. This of course didn’t sit right with the Florida school district that has confirmed Olivia is no longer employed with them.

I guess nobody thought to tell principal Alfred Fabrizio or the school board that their whole train wreck of a State exists only because hundreds of thousands of people every year flock to it so they can get into their bathing suits. I don’t think they are booking hotels there to watch drug infused zombies bite the faces of other people. Wait, maybe there are.

Olivia Sprauer

Olivia Sprauer

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