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Saturday, February 4th, 2012 | Naughty Teachers with Comments Off
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I haven't posted any stories about creepy and stupid teachers in awhile. The last couple of weeks there have been no shortage of stories involving the geniuses that you choose to leave your kids with for higher learning. Remember, every one of these idiots are presumed innocent until found guilty or something along those lines.

I can't find any of the picture of this genius. Meet Emma Wise, 22 years old. Emma was a chemistry teacher at Central Falls High School in Providence, RI, when police say she bought five teenagers alcohol and drank with them after a school football game. Source

Emma Wise

Rachel L. Farrell is a little more classy. She has been accused of having sex with students in a Walmart parking lot. As with most teachers I assume she would be too cheap to drop $10 on an upscale hotel. Rachel has been accused of having sex with a number of 17 year old students. You have to love the Banger school system. Source

Rachel L. Farrell

Sarah Holmes from  GREENVILLE, N.C. is a former North Pitt English teacher who has been arrested and charged with taking incident liberties with a 17 year old student. The news stories don't say much more than that and there aren't that many stories out there. Source

 Sarah Holmes

 knows how to throw a party. Five underage high school students and big old bottle of vodka. The 25 year old teacher from Hebron High School in Hebron in North Dakota is accused of having a booze sex party with a group of four students. She must not be all she believes herself cracked up to be as one of the students who had been drinking refused to have sex with her. Really. Source

Jennifer Schultz

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