Rachel Wade Guilty of Sarah Ludemann Murder

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There are lots of people looking at the orginal story posted back in April of last year, Fight Over Boyfriend Ends In Stabbing.

Rachel Wade has been found quilty in the stabbing death of Sarah Ludemann and sentenced to 20 years to life. All over a dude. I guess if somebody wasn’t dead I would have something further to say about gene pools but nobody needs to die over a guy.

Here are some links to the news stories to the court decision and coverage.

Rachel Wade Guilty of Sarah Ludemann Murder

rachel wade

A little video with part of the death threat phone message.

Fight Over Boyfriend Ends In Stabbing

Friday, April 17th, 2009 | Stupid Criminals with 2 Comments
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The feud between the two teenage girls over a boyfriend had been brewing since last summer. It exploded early Wednesday morning when 19-year-old Rachel Wade stabbed to death her rival Sarah Ludemann, Pinellas Park police said. The boyfriend Joshua Camacho, had been dating both girls at the same time, according to Pinellas Park police Capt. Sanfield Forseth. I imagine he is a real winner too.

Read the whole story at the source, it's going to make for a wild movie of the week when every is said and done.

Have a look at Rachel Wade's MySpace Profile, there are lots of pictures you can go through much like these. She is a real bad ass if you read through her profile. It's funny that in the one she pretends to be a real "gangster" and now she is. Good luck with that. Yesterday she got a $500,000 bond set.

Rachel Wade facebook linkRachel Wade the gangster

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