Lauren Boebert Is So Dumb

Keeping track of all of the stupid things Lauren Boebert says can be quite a task. Every time this hypocrite opens her mouth it’s like looking into a vortex of idiocy. #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trends every other day on Twitter. Boebert, a member of congress with her GED and a self proclaimed halfwit is great entertainment. Behold the collection of stupid things Lauren Boebert says.

Boebert Speaks About the Importance of Her Purse

Not sure whey Boebert wants to put freedom in her purse but okay. Maybe she wants to keep it all to herself.


Boebert Makes Up Her Own Words

Boebert doesn’t need a dictionary. She just makes up her own words and here enlies the problem.

Boebert Unsure What State She Represents

Half-wit Lauren Boebert, who has spelled her own name wrong in the past is having trouble remembering what state she represents. Boebert’s campaign turned in a report this week to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that listed the state she represents as Utah and not Colorado.

“I’ve never seen a candidate misidentify the state they are seeking to represent on an FEC report,” said Brett Kappel, an attorney specializing in campaign finance at Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg.

Yup, she’s just that dumb.


Lauren Boebert Spells Her Own Name Wrong

Have you ever spelled your own name wrong? Not in my lifetime have I ever spelled my own name wrong. Lauren Boebert can’t say the same. Here is one of her famous social media posts in which she spells her own name wrong. Wow.

Lauren Boebert

My pronoun is Patriot

Lauren, who is rumored to fail her GED twice doesn’t know what a pronoun is. In this tweet Boebert states her pronoun is “patriot”. The problem is that patriot is not a pronoun. Patriot is a noun, something every grade school child could probably tell you. She took a beating on twitter but she’s used to taking a beating.

Lauren Boebert Calls to “Imeach” Biden

We have to assume at this point that Boebert herself is running her own social media accounts. There can’t be two halfwits of this magnitude in her inner circle. This one she puts out a news article calling to “Imeach” Biden. Basic English skills are obviously not her strong point.

Lauren Boebert Imeach

Samuel Adams or John Adams?

This slip must have rattled Boebert because she actually deleted the tweet and said nothing about it. A history major she is not. She mixed up Boston bar owner Sam Adams with John Adams. What’s next, posting Sam Malone quotes from Cheers and attributing them to George Washington?

Boebert Backs the Taliban

Another epic fail at owning the democrats. Boebert expressed her love and admiration for the Taliban. No better way then showing your political foes up then by siding with a group of terrorists. Maybe it makes sense since Boebert did incite and support the terrorist attack on the Capital on Jan. 6. Terrorists of a feather terror together.

Boebert Taliban

Boebert and Grammar 

Another day of #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trending and the poor thing can’t help herself. Lauren must have skipped through the grammar portion of her GED exam.

My staff and me, not I.

Boebert the Scientist

Boebert apparently now a scientist. She must have learned a lot by failing her GED exam a few times. She offers advice to her Christian Taliban followers on how to beat the rona. You shouldn’t take medical advice from somebody that could barely graduate McDonalds High School.

Boebert Delta

Lauren Boebert is so dumb…..

The hashtag #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb was an epic twitter trend and that couldn’t even stop her from jumping all over herself. Boebert thought it was an opp to grift money from the American Taliban but others saw it differently. When the internet is calling you stupid, who jumps on board to prove their point? Lauren Boebert, that’s who.

Boebert is so dumb

Boebert Gets Confused by Terms of Service

This one is self explanatory, to people with an IQ over 80. We will just leave this one here.

free speech

Boebert Home Schools

What is truly frightening is that Boebert home schools her children. Let that sink in.

That’s it for now. We will add more as we get time. Going through her twitter account is giving us a headache. No fear she was triggered on an airplane today so there will be sure more to come. Check back for updates.

Remember she leads of party of family and Christian values. Not sure where those values were when her husband Jayson was exposing himself sexually to a group of teenage girls at the local bowling alley.

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