Man Constipated for 10 Years Has 11 Pounds of Poop Surgically Removed

If I don’t have a movement for more than a day then I am hitting the fiber hard and getting business taken care of. Imagine going 10 years without a bowel movement.  A man from China contends that he we went that long and suffered all sorts of pains over that time period like severe stomach pain. You figure? Doctors finally found the problem. An 11 pound blockage of poop in his colon. The mass so big it actually shifted his heart to the right to make room. His condition actually has  name and it’s congenital megacolon which basically means you are full of it.

A few websites we read offered tips if you find yourself in this situation like drinking water and adding fiber to  your diet. Personally I would recommend getting yourself to the nearest Taco Bell or some thing similar. Usually cleans me out in a hurry.

We don’t really have an appropriate photo so here is one we took of the urinals at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.

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