McDonald’s Angry Birds Burgers

When you first see McDonald’s Angry Birds Movie burgers you immediately think, Japan. But these movie themed sandwiches have been launched in China. Now China is taking fast food to an all new level. We don’t think you are going to see these any time soon at ¬†your local McDonald’s and and maybe that is a good thing. The green Bad Piggy burgers get our stomachs an odd feeling.

The Naughty Green Pork Burger is a tribute to Bad Piggy from the Angry Birds movie. It features a large green bun, pork, fried egg, lettuce and sauce. Not so sure that green was the wisest choice for a bread color.

McDonald’s didn’t stop there. They have also released a red burger. The Angry Red Burger is another new promotion for the upcoming Angry Birds movie. Featuring a red bun this sandwich appears to be a double chicken burger. Red looks a lot more appetizing than green.

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