Valentines Day Wisdom

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If you are other half is busy on Valentines Day we offer this wisdom found on a sign.  Where most wisdom comes from. Don’t worry we don’t think any idiot that would allow themselves to be a side chick or dude would actually come to the realization of what they really are and better themselves. Continue your life of denial believing that they are going to leave that other person for you and you won’t end up on the Investigative Discovery Channel in a double murder suicide episode. Happy Valentines Day and enjoy the flowers you got while other half was away on “Business”.

Newspaper Uses Alec Baldwin Photo Instead of Trump

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Alec Baldwin has been killing it lately on Saturday Night Live playing President Donald Trump. So much so that a newspaper from the Dominican Republic used his photo instead of one of the real Trump. The newspaper called El Nacional corrected the image but not before it caught fire online.  The photo made it rounds on Twitter and now lives forever. No word on whether Trump was impressed or not.

Mediocre Spaghetti Dinner Causes Police Standoff

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One thing I have learned in life is that when my wife takes time to make dinner for me I compliment it like it was greatest meal I have ever had in my life. Why would I say anything less and risk having to make my own dinner in the future? Jason Martin of Merrimack, NH should have taken this advice. Odds are he won’t be such a food critic in the future.

His girlfriend Jodi Ecklund made him a spaghetti dinner and asked his opinion on the meal and Jason thought it was just okay. Bad mistake. She didn’t take the criticism overly well and began to punch, and scratch. Jason did do one thing right and that get the hell out of there but Jodi decided to barricade herself in the apartment along with a couple of firearms.

Police arrived on the scene and although it’s not reported if they sampled her spaghetti or not they got about the same treatment as Jason. She offered to shoot them and told them they could enter the apartment because she had the safety off on the guns.

The stand off lasted a few hours before police gained access into the apartment. This Celebrity Chef ended up cooking up a few felonies and misdemeanors.

Skeleton Key Loot List in Destiny

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If you have been playing Destiny lately you probably have a few extra skeleton keys in your inventory. Are you wondering what Strikes to to spend them on? There are obviously Destiny Strikes that you don’t want to be wasting keys on. We have been getting quite a few Imago Loop Hand Cannons of course with a terrible roll so we want to use our keys to get more. This lead us to try and put a list together of the Strike Specific loot you can get from opening chests with your skeleton keys. Here is a visual that shows you the skeleton key loot list in Destiny.

Skeleton Key Loot List in Destiny

Remember, this is just the sought after loot you can get from using your skeleton keys at the end of strikes. There is still a chance to get various Warlock Bonds, Titan Marks and Hunter Cloaks. Class gear. We like to use our skeleton keys either doing Heroic Strikes or Nightfall for a chance at better gear. We got two Imago Loops this week from The Undying Mind as a Heroic Strike. We also found out the hard way that if you are carrying five keys (the max) and get one it will to the postmaster. If you try to grab it from the postmaster with five in your inventory it will disappear. We did this by accident.

McDonald’s Angry Birds Burgers

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When you first see McDonald’s Angry Birds Movie burgers you immediately think, Japan. But these movie themed sandwiches have been launched in China. Now China is taking fast food to an all new level. We don’t think you are going to see these any time soon at  your local McDonald’s and and maybe that is a good thing. The green Bad Piggy burgers get our stomachs an odd feeling.

The Naughty Green Pork Burger is a tribute to Bad Piggy from the Angry Birds movie. It features a large green bun, pork, fried egg, lettuce and sauce. Not so sure that green was the wisest choice for a bread color.

McDonald’s didn’t stop there. They have also released a red burger. The Angry Red Burger is another new promotion for the upcoming Angry Birds movie. Featuring a red bun this sandwich appears to be a double chicken burger. Red looks a lot more appetizing than green.

Tips for Saving Money in Las Vegas

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Tips for Saving Money in Las Vegas

I have recently become a Las Vegas addict. We have made several trips to Las Vegas over the past couple of years and plan on going back every year. What I realized on our first trip to Las Vegas is how expensive it is or can be. We had the wrong notion that Las Vegas was all about free drinks, cheap entertainment and cheap food. This is not necessarily the case but it can be if you use a few of these tips to save money in Las Vegas. You can trust me these tips saved us a load of money.

  1. Coupons – For the most part you should not pay full price for anything while in Las Vegas. The entire city runs off of the idea of the coupon. There are a number of websites that have printable online coupons or coupons you can add to your smartphone. There are coupon books in the back of cabs and in the lobby’s of the hotels or casinos. If you don’t see a booklet ask at check in if there are any available coupon books. On our last trip we found free booklets waiting for the shuttle from the Harrah’s to the Rio. There were all sorts of coupons for dining, shows and gambling. The is also the American Casino guide which you can buy for under $20 and it has pages of coupons for food, shows and gambling. I just ordered mine yesterday. If you are in Canada, Amazon was the cheapest I could find.
  2. Cheap Transportation – If you go to Las Vegas one thing you are going to do is walk. The casino properties are massive and it’s a hike to get from place to place. There are many free or cheap options to get around in Vegas. One is the local bus. It’s relatively inexpensive to buy a three day or single day bus pass. It will take you up and down the strip all day long and they run frequently. There is also a free Tram Train that runs from the Bellagio all the way down to Mandalay Bay. You can hop on and off all day long and visit all of MGM Resort Casinos for free. You can also check with your hotel and see if they offer free Shuttles to and from their sister resorts. For example, we used the free shuttle to travel back and forth between Harrah’s and The Rio when we went to see Penn and Teller. There is also a Monorail but we have never used it as it sits at the back of the opposite side of the strip and has been out of the way for properties we have visited. You don’t have to pay for a cab to get back and forth. There are lots of cheap and free options available,
  3. Group Buying – The one thing we really put to use on our last trip was group buying. To be more specific Groupon and Travel Zoo. Both of these sites are excellent sources to buy coupons and discounts on restaurants, live shows, tickets and attractions. For example, we saved on The Voodoo Zipline at the Rio, Taylormade Golf Experience, skating at the Cosmo and dining at the Hexx. You have score some really nice savings on buffets as well. If you are travelling anywhere I highly suggest social buying websites.
  4. Cheap Supplies and Booze – Do not shop at the Casinos and stores in the Casinos. The first thing I do after checking in is head to the closest Walgreen or store and stock up on supplies. You will pay double or more for snacks, water and drinks at the Casino. Some of the Casinos even have little drink booths out front like at the Paris where you will pay double or much more a beer than you would if you bought one from the Walgreen. Lots of places also feature Happy Hour. If you are planning a trip to a certain restaurant or bar give them a google and see if they have Happy Hour and save money on food and drinks.
  5. Players Club Cards – Try and sign up for every Players Club card you can and use it when gambling or dining. You will build credits with that casino or brand of casinos which may get your offers or discounts in the future. For example, all of the MGM Resorts are under the Mlife program. You use your card when gambling to earn credits and showing your card can get you small discounts if you shop in the stores located in their casinos. All casinos have some sort of club program. We also charge everything to our room and Milfe account for example. If we are staying at the Aria and dining at MGM we charge it to our room to gain credit. Some casinos in Las Vegas will also offer rewards or a bonus simply for joining. It’s free and never hurts. We gained offers of free stays at one MGM Resort this year simply by using our card in the slot machines when gambling on our last trip.
  6. My Vegas and Social Rewards Programs – These are two different rewards programs that allow you to earn freebies in Vegas. My Vegas is sponsored by the MGM Resorts and a few others. You play slots and blackjack games on your facebook page or smartphone to gain loyalty points. You can use these loyalty points for freebies. You can cash three freebies per person per thirty day period. Last trip my wife and I each got a free show at MGM, free buffets at the Aria and Mirage and free slots play. The Social Rewards program is a bit different. It’s run by the CET properties like Caesars Palace and The Rio. You watch youtube movies and promote their casinos on your social media sites like facebook and twitter and gain rewards points you can turn in for credit at their resorts. We both currently have $30 each to cash in which will help with a dinner or two. Not bad for watching a few videos and sending out tweets.

    Your trip to Las Vegas can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow our tips, join a few programs and play a few games on your phone you can save a ton of money. If you need any help or have a suggestion drop me a comment. Have fun in Vegas, which I was there with you.

    Las Vegas Travel Tips

5 Ways to Use an Old iPhone

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5 Ways to Use an Old iPhone

Have you recently upgraded your iPhone and are wondering what to do with your old phone? I upgraded my iPhone to a newer version and threw my old one back in the box and put it in storage. I was going to sell it online but after a few outings where my battery died from streaming music I thought there has to be a use for my old phone that I am missing.

It all boils down to battery use and how to double your battery life by using your old phone for a few common tasks when away from a charge. If you can conserve the battery on your main phone by using up the battery on your old phone you are one step ahead of the game. This will become clearer in a moment.

1. Music/Media Server – I like to listen to music while on the golf course. I use my phone to pair to a portable radio and either stream my music or from a radio app. This is a killer on the battery. Why not use your old phone to spin your tunes and save the battery on your main phone? You can use your old phone to stream your music library  at parties, bbq’s. Wherever you want to save the battery on your main phone. Without all of those photos, texts and apps you can squeeze alot of music onto you old phone. You can basically use it as an iPod.

2. Universal Remote – I have a Harmony Smarthub and the remote went on the fritz recently. I have using my current phone as my remote by downloading their app but was having to constantly charge my phone. I was ruining my good battery using my phone as the remote. I simply started using my old phone as my new universal remote because I could care less about the battery. There are a number of universal and generic remote apps out there. I am betting you will be able to find one for your television, media box or video game console.

3. Kids Gaming – A friend of mine was replacing the glass on his phone every couple of months because his kids were using his phone for games and treating it like kids do. Why not let them have at your old iPhone? You will probably want to make sure its still in it’s case but if they break it, well at least they have broken your brand new phone. On the flip side maybe you want to load your own games on it and play on them while on the Subway and save your battery.

4. Home Security Camera – This is the coolest thing I have done with my old phone. By downloading an app such as Manything or Presence you can turn your old phone into a home security camera. I tested out Manything this past weekend and used it to see what my dogs were up to when we were out for the evening. It worked out flawlessly. I was able to access my old phone from the restaurant and see what was going on back at home. The video was crisp and the audio was pretty decent as well.

5. GPS Device – Did you know that Google will allow you to download map areas and then access with no internet connection? We have used this several times and it has saved our bacon. I was attending a hockey game in Buffalo over the winter and we got lost. I had a map of Buffalo downloaded so I was able to use it to find our way to the hotel with no internet connection. We also used this feature on a recent trip to the Hoover Dam and sight seeing in the area. Why not use your old phone as a GPS Device. Just remember to download your maps before your trip.

These are just a few suggestions on what to do with an old iPhone. It’s up to your imagination. Any task you use your phone for but want to conserve battery life can you use your old one for. I used the iPhone as an example because that is what I have. You can do the same with an Android phone.

iphone photo

Man Constipated for 10 Years Has 11 Pounds of Poop Surgically Removed

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If I don’t have a movement for more than a day then I am hitting the fiber hard and getting business taken care of. Imagine going 10 years without a bowel movement.  A man from China contends that he we went that long and suffered all sorts of pains over that time period like severe stomach pain. You figure? Doctors finally found the problem. An 11 pound blockage of poop in his colon. The mass so big it actually shifted his heart to the right to make room. His condition actually has  name and it’s congenital megacolon which basically means you are full of it.

A few websites we read offered tips if you find yourself in this situation like drinking water and adding fiber to  your diet. Personally I would recommend getting yourself to the nearest Taco Bell or some thing similar. Usually cleans me out in a hurry.

We don’t really have an appropriate photo so here is one we took of the urinals at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.

Teen Kills Himself Takie Selfie With Gun

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Another life snuffed out via taking a selfie with a loaded gun. We posted about this awhile back how todays brilliant youth are dying from taking selfies and some of them doing it with loaded guns pointed to their head.  This time around a 19 year old from Houston shot himself in the throat while taking a selfie with a gun. Deleon Alonso Smith  as the victim. His cousin who was in the other room at the time said that they found the gun earlier in the day.

Woman Tries to Eat Crack During Arrest

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A woman Douglas, GA tried to eat a small amount of crack cocaine while being arrested on an outstanding warrant. Linda Blank, 48 was being placed under arrest for a probation warrant when offices realized she was trying to ingest crack cocaine. Big deal. Montgomery Alabama news.

The real story here is that she has a stunning resemblance to Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black. Very similar. If I learned anything from this Netflix show it is that women s prison is a fun place to be and she should be looking forward to her paid vacation. Enjoy!

Crazy Eyes